So, what do two fun loving platinum selling party boys do after conquering the hearts, minds and charts Australia’s EDM scene?

Why they create a rigid business with the sole purpose of exploiting the musical talent of their closest friends, of course!

Conceived shortly after receiving the first Gold plaque for Super Soaker, Bombsquad Presents was developed as a platform to promote and release the music of their affiliated artists. With a lot of hard work and a dash of beginners luck, Bombsquad’s debut release Looking For Some Girls (Kronic feat. Bombs Away) face planted into the ARIA Club Chart Top Ten, and the story began.

Not just a vanity label to help their buddies out, Bombsquad, along with it’s reputation for innovation, diabolical scheming and overwhelming success, have started to attract a staggering amount of Australia’s talent. Housed in the swanky confines of 200 Crown St, Darlinghurst, the label has grown to release records from the likes of Kronic, Komes, Chardy, Seany B, Dirt Cheap, Uberjakd, Savo, Tenzin, G-Wizard & Joey Kaz, Femme, Che Jose, Mr Wilson, Party Favor (US) and more.

Some pretty cool names to drop, right? How bout we drop some stats then! Of the 17 releases at time of writing, 14 releases have broken into the top 50 of various charts, including multiple Top 20 Beatport Electro House releases, a Top 5 Beatport house chart appearance  and two Top 10 ARIA Club Chart hits, not to mention a #1 onTrackItDown Electro House Charts. Not bad for a label just 18 months in existence.

So what’s next for Bombsquad? Until technology allows to replace our artists with sexy cyborgs or iTunes-educated monkeys, Bombsquad will continue to discover, sign and develop the new crop of artists from around the world.

Send demos and food stamps to matt@bombsquadpresents.com.