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Dixie joins the Bomb Squad family!

Soapbox welcomes their newest member to the ever-growing family DIXIE!!

We asked Sketch from Bombs Away to tell us about this DIXIE character and this is what he had to say…

DIXIE is glorious man, also maximum DJ, he escape famine with learning to DJ in salt mine, comrades make popular song about DIXIE it go “In the fatherland born and raised, In salt mine is where he spend most of his days” all know the rest of course, it popular song.

He achieve dream to become big star in plentiful country, join BOMB SQUAD and learn many trick of mixing and making of the crowd have fun times, Now is earn many potato for family!

During time in plentiful country, DIXIE DJ have achieved to play many show, and also BOMBS AWAY make for him to DJ with them all over country at all big show.

DIXIE DJ become master of make Mixtape, which get many many people to be happy, he also go to studio and make of new song called ‘I LOVE TITTS’ on the BOMB SQUAD records, this make family proud.

In year 2012 Australia make vote of him number #21 in entire country of sunshine on ITM, this make DIXIE many happy, and make more big show happen!

For DIXIE, suffer is over, now is plenty potato, no cold and no dark!

Glory to the fatherland!

Actual things:

- #21 DJ in Australia InTheMix 2012

- Touring DJ for Bombs Away’s major shows

- ‘champion of the universe’ at goldeney 64

- Upcoming singles ‘Titts’ and ‘All the time’ on Bomb Squad Records

- Dixie Remixes and bootlegs are solid must haves in crates around the world

- Created the ‘Rock The Fkn Party Mixtapes’ with over a million plays and downloads

- Owns 250 pairs of sneakers

- 40k fans on social media

- Can make two minute noodles in 1 minute 30